What elements should a successful LOI include?

Successful LOIs adhere to the template in the application system, My.RWJF.org, to address three major questions:

  • Rationale - What will be gained from this work? (~1/2 page)
  • Research approach and activities - What are the specific research question(s) or hypotheses that will be examined and how will this be accomplished? (>1 pg)
  • Research Team - What are the qualifications and capacity of the team to conduct the proposed research? (3-4 sentences)

LOIs should focus primarily on outlining the research approach, describing the rigor of the design, and demonstrating the importance and actionability of the outcomes. Only applicants who present clear, compelling, and innovative connections between their proposed research and creating a national Culture of Health will be invited to submit a Full Proposal.

For examples of E4A funded research projects see our Grantees Page

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