Participating in Applicant Technical Assistance

Not all E4A applicants are well-suited for or will benefit from Technical Assistance (TA), but we want to make it readily available for those who might benefit. There are two ways by which applicants can participate in TA, either by referral after submitting their Letter of Intent (LOI) or by requesting participation prior to LOI submission.

After Submitting a Letter of Intent

If you are interested in TA and you can articulate a clear research plan (including the research design, methodology, outcomes, and sampling strategy), we encourage you to submit an LOI as the first step toward receiving TA. 

All applicants whose projects are a good fit (i.e., they meet E4A selection criteria for relevance, actionability, etc.) – but whose research design does not align with E4A’s criteria for rigor – will be invited to participate in TA. This determination is made as part of our regular review of all LOIs submitted, and enables reviewers to provide feedback on specific aspects of your proposed research plan, which will help inform the TA process.

Before Submitting a Letter of Intent

Applicants who are unable to clearly articulate a research design or other key components of the project can request TA by completing a brief form to describe the intervention you are interested in evaluating and your research concept. If your project is considered a good fit for E4A, you will be invited to participate in TA, through which you will receive guidance on research design and other aspects of your proposal to align with E4A criteria, as well as have the opportunity to be matched with a researcher.

This option is primarily for applicants who have a clear idea of the intervention to be evaluated, what health outcomes to measure, and in which populations – but who need guidance on their research design before they can submit an LOI (for example, they need help determining or identifying a valid comparison group). Through TA, you will be able to explore various potential designs and approaches, but you will not receive a decision or specific feedback from reviewers on your proposed research plan.

Remember: Participating in TA through either of these pathways does not guarantee your research project will eventually be selected for funding. Due to resource limitations, we are able to fund only a small proportion of proposals we receive. However, it is our hope that TA services will help applicants design and eventually implement the strongest research plans possible, even if they are not ultimately funded by E4A.

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