What expectations does E4A have of grantees?

  • Attendance at an Annual Grantee Meeting (dates and locations vary). Funds for up to two individuals to attend this meeting for each year of the grant should be included in the proposed budget.
  • Participation in peer networking activities with other E4A and RWJF grantees. These activities typically take place via virtual or online convenings.
  • Pre-registration of study—including research questions, hypotheses, main variables, and analysis plan—on Open Science Framework (OSF) at the start of the grant period.
  • Grantees who publish findings in peer-reviewed publications must do so in open access journals and/or must include funds in their budgets to cover the cost of making the resulting publications open-access (typically $2,000-$5,000 per manuscript).
  • Participation in periodic progress check-ins throughout the grant period with E4A national program office (NPO) staff.
  • During the grant period, coordination with E4A to develop and implement a plan to share findings with stakeholders beyond the research community, including policymakers and other decision-makers, when findings are available and as other timely opportunities arise.
  • Appropriate timelines and budgets built into the project plan for conferences, meetings, and other forms of dissemination, including after analyses are complete.