Seattle's Yesler Terrace Redevelopment: Addressing the Impact of Multi-Sector Strategies on Redevelopment Plans and Community Health

Project Summary

The project team conducted a mixed method study to evaluate the impact of the Yesler Terrace (YT) Redevelopment Project on resident and community health and well-being. Yesler Terrace is a publicly subsidized housing community of low-income, ethnically diverse residents owned and operated by Seattle Housing Authority.

Photo courtesy of the Seattle Housing Authority.

Research Question(s)

  • What is the combined impact of the YT redevelopment strategies on residents’ health and well-being?
  • Which subgroups of YT residents are most likely to benefit from these strategies?
  • What is the combined impact of the YT redevelopment strategies on intermediate community level outcomes?


  • Guide strategies for redeveloping communities while retaining cultural and community vibrancy and minimizing displacement of residents.
  • Inform program and funding decisions that ultimately reduce the impact of chronic disease and injury with wraparound services.


Initial findings from the research project show increases in resident perception of safety and reductions in their perception of problems with drugs/alcohol, gangs/violent activity or domestic violence at YT. Resident responses also indicate improvements in social cohesion at Yessler Terrace.


Health: General health status; depression; physical activity; preventable hospitalization or emergency department visits; use of preventive health services which will be collected through Medicaid claims and resident health survey data and 911 calls.

Other: Social cohesion, adult education attainment, child educational proficiency, child educational attainment, employment, self-perceived safety, crime statistics.


Mixed-methods approach that includes general descriptive measures analysis, quasi-experimental (propensity score matching) longitudinal data analysis, and repeated cross-sectional data analysis to examine individual- and community-level, intermediate health outcomes. Qualitative data collection and analysis using Yesler Terrace resident focus groups to provide contextual information about their experience of the redevelopment strategies.

Yesler Terrace Redevelopment - overhead picture of courtyard
Grantee and Partner organizations

Public Health - Seattle & King County 
Seattle Housing Authority
Neighborcare Health
Yesler Terrace Citizen Review Committee
Yesler Community Collaborative
Seattle University Youth Initiative
Harborview Medical Center

Grant status
Principal investigators
Stephanie Farquhar, PhD, MA
Roxana Chen, PhD, MPH
Maria Ursua, MURP, MPA
Start date
Award amount
30 months

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