Guaranteed Income Reduces Income Volatility, Improves Health, Leads to More Full Time Employment, and More

Image of a group of children in front of a mural featuring Martin Luther King, Jr.

First year findings from a research study evaluating an guaranteed income pilot program, the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, found that:

  • Guaranteed income reduced income volatility, or the month-to-month income fluctuations that households face.
  • Unconditional cash enabled recipients to find full-time employment.
  • Recipients of guaranteed income were healthier, showing less depression and anxiety and enhanced wellbeing.
  • The guaranteed income alleviated financial scarcity creating new opportunities for self determination, choice, goal-setting, and risk-taking.

Findings on secondary outcomes, including hope, mattering, and family dynamics, along with COVID data will be released in the final report in Spring 2022.

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