• What elements should a successful LOI include?

    Successful LOIs adhere to the template in the application system,, to address three major questions:

    • Rationale - Describe the intervention being evaluated and why the research (not the issue) is important. (Less than 1/2 page)
    • Research approach and activities - What are the specific research question(s) or hypotheses that will be examined and how will this be accomplished? Specify the health outcome(s) and any other primary or secondary outcomes being measured. (>1 pg)
    • Research Team - Describe any unique partnerships or characteristics of the research team. (3-4 sentences)

    LOIs should focus primarily on outlining the research approach, describing the rigor of the design, and demonstrating the importance and actionability of the outcomes. Only applicants who present clear, compelling, and innovative connections between their proposed research and creating a national Culture of Health will be invited to submit a Full Proposal.

    Additional information and example LOI sections are included in our Annotated Letter of Intent Excerpts document, as part of our Applicant Resources.

  • Who will review my proposal?

    Letters of Intent will be reviewed by members of the E4A Leadership Team and RWJF.  Full proposals will also be reviewed by the Leadership Team and RWJF, as well as one to two external reviewers – typically members of the E4A National Advisory Committee. External reviewers are selected to align relevant expertise with the content of each full proposal.

  • What is the deadline for submitting my Letter of Intent (LOI)?

    There is no deadline for submission. The program operates on a rolling acceptance basis, so LOIs may be submitted at any time.  

  • Are there tips or tutorials available regarding the LOI submission process?

    Yes, watch our archived informational webinars and other programmatic webinars on our Videos & Archived Webinars page for more information on the E4A LOI submission process.

    Our Applicant Resources page also has materials that should be helpful in developing a Letter of Intent and understanding the process, that include an Applicant Guide and Annotate Letter of Intent Excerpts.

  • Is there a preference for which organization should act as the lead?

    No, applicants should determine the lead organization based on which has the capacity to administer the grant.

  • Why was my LOI turned down?

    Due to significant interest in the program we are only able to advance a small proportion of LOIs we receive to the full proposal stage. LOIs are turned down for a variety of reasons: lack of a clear research question or hypothesis; inclusion of research questions that will not yield actionable outcomes; insufficient or unclear explanation of the intervention being evaluated; lack of appropriate health or other outcomes; study populations or topics that are unlikely to produce results that are broadly applicable to population health outcomes; and insufficient rigor of the proposed research design.

    Promising projects that meet all criteria except rigor or feasibility may be referred to Technical Assistance. If you have specific questions about why your LOI was turned down you may contact the NPO.

  • Will I receive feedback on my LOI or Full Proposal?

    Generally, all applicants will receive a decision within six to nine weeks regarding whether or not they are invited to move on to the next round. We cannot guarantee every LOI or Full Proposal will receive detailed feedback. RWJF policy prevents us from providing proactive feedback; however, applicants are welcome to contact the NPO with specific questions about their proposal. Applicants who are invited to revise their proposal or who are referred to one of our Technical Assistance services will receive more specific feedback.

  • Will every applicant who submits an LOI be invited to submit a Full Proposal?

    No, approximately 8% of applicants are invited to submit a Full Proposal. Only LOIs that meet the review criteria are invited to submit Full Proposals.

  • What is the general timeline from Letter of Intent submission to grant award date?

    Under normal circumstances it takes approximately 5 months from the time of LOI submission to the release of funds by RWJF. Built into this timeline are the LOI review process, the Full Proposal development and review process, and a formal budget and legal review. There may be circumstances that will result in a shorter or longer timelines, such as time sensitive projects or requests for revisions at the LOI or FP stage, but in general we recommend that your anticipated project start date be at least 5 months after submission.

  • May I submit more than one LOI?

    Yes. Applicants may submit multiple LOIs, serve as a partner for another organization's LOI, and/or resubmit a refined or new LOI if an original submission is not accepted. While there are no rigid restrictions against multiple submissions from the same researcher, the diversity of the grantee pool will be a factor in funding decisions. Therefore, we encourage you to think critically about the relative strengths of the projects for which you are considering submitting LOIs.

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